The most complete and effective solution for businesses to source, hire and manage talent
The Total Talent Solution that enhances every aspect of managing your people, from the candidate journey through to the employee experience.

Harri provides a powerful suite of tools to help companies attract, discover and connect with the best talent for their needs.
Search and Connect
Mobile Application
Job Portal
Job Distributor

A seamless and paperless platform built to streamline the hiring process.
Applicant Screening
Onboarding Documents
Payroll Integration
Digital Onboarding

The most comprehensive and innovative platform to manage your team for maximum productivity.
Team Scheduling
Team Communication

Proven Results
Easy to use
A simple interface and intuitive navigation makes screening and scheduling interviews easy
No more paperwork
Complete, store and access all hiring documents online
Personality Infused Platform
Employees & job seekers showcase themselves in media rich professional profiles
Save time & Money
Cut hiring time by up to 68% and save up to 48% in hiring costs
Payroll Integration
Harri integrates directly with most major payroll companies
Labor cost control
All the tools you need to proactively manage labor costs
Ever since we started using Harri, we've been able to build such a great host team. We made our last 7 hires through Harri.
Harri has been instrumental is helping us launch our new concept Sadelle's in SoHo. Their marketing efforts have helped drive more attendance to our open call events, and therefore allowed us to make better hires.
Our management reports that the candidate quality they find on Harri is better than the applications they receive from other sources.
The Standard has used Harri with great success to help fulfill our year-round hiring needs.
Judge us by the company we keep

Job Templates
Job Distributor
Rich Media Employer & Candidate Profiles
Search & Connect
Customized Job Portals
Team Social Referral Engine
Adaptive Application Forms
Mobile Employer App
Multilingual Application Forms
Candidate Talent Pool
Applicant Screening
Interview Tools
Digital Onboarding
Custom Offer Letters
E-Signature &
Payroll Integration
Mobile Tools
Team Scheduling
Team Communications
Learning Management
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