The most comprehensive and innovative platform to manage your team for maximum productivity.

Manage your entire team from one vibrant platform
Harri provides intelligent and simple labor cost forecasting. With a seamless link between employee schedules and labor costs, you can now reduce costs by up to 2% with optimal shift management.
Labor Cost Management Dashboard
My Documents
My Documents now replaces your filing cabinet. Digitally store and access all your employees' paperwork online.

Efficiently schedule and communicate with your team
Built in labor costs, real time tracking and reporting, dynamic shift management, color coding and forecasting, help you create schedules 62% faster than other tools and effortlessly manage the schedules across your enterprise and devices.
Team Scheduling
Team Communication
With Team Communication, employers can share real-time status updates, easily collaborate with staff members and share content that matters, all from one platform.
Harriā€™s managing features
My Documents
Onboarding Tools
Shift Management
Group Messaging and Updates
Time and Attendance
Real-Time Labor Tracking
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