Harri has created the most capable, seamless and user-friendly platform to hire the right people and keep them on-board longer.

Candidate Talent Pool
Build Your Talent Pipeline
Hire more effectively by keeping track and creating a short list of ideal candidates.
  • Market directly to your talent pool
  • Tag and label candidates
  • Add notes to candidate cards
  • Easily invite candidates to apply to jobs

Reduce hiring time and costs
Shorten your screening time and improve accuracy by:
  • Quickly learning about candidate's experience and personality
  • Adding notes to candidate profiles
  • Navigating with an extremely intuitive interface
Applicant Screening

Interview Schedule
Optimize the interview process
The entire interview process is fully managed on Harri. You can make interviewing a breeze by scheduling, inviting and keeping track of interview dates and times with prospective candidates, all on one platform. Keep record of members’ attendance rates and mark no shows right on Harri’s interviewee manifest dashboard.
Harri provides relevant metrics and comprehensive reports to continually optimize the hiring process.

  • Common dashboard for all members of your team
  • Detailed insights across the hiring journey
  • Timely reporting to impact outcomes quickly
Reporting Dashboard

Onboarding Documents
Go paperless
Complete, store and access all hiring documents online
  • Accept digital applications pre-filled with information from the candidate’s Harri profile
  • Send and receive onboarding documents including digital I-9’s and W4’s
  • Upload custom documents for employees to review and sign with e-signature and e-verification
Make new hires feel welcome by digitally sending customized offer letters
Custom Offer Letters
Payroll Integration
Harri integrates directly with most major payroll companies including ADP, Paychex and Paycom, making new hire on-boarding even more seamless

Care-free compliance
Harri seamlessly draws data collected throughout the onboarding process. It also provides checklists, alerts and up-to- date compliance with federal and state employment laws and required forms, so you can rest easy.
Digital Onboarding
Harri’s hiring features
Candidate Talent Pool
Applicant Screening
Interview Tools
Digital Onboarding
Custom Offer Letters
E-Signature & E-Verification
Payroll Integration
Mobile Tools
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