Harri provides a powerful suite of tools to help companies attract, discover and engage the best talent for their needs.

Increase applicant flow
Optimize fit by showcasing your company culture and giving potential candidates an authentic behind-the-scenes look into your work environment.
Premium Career Pages
Job Portal
Consistently attract great talent by showcasing your hiring brand in the best possible way with a beautiful, customized career portal.

The easiest way to get your open positions in front of millions of active job seekers with just one-click. You can simultaneously post your job to Harri and several other highly trafficked networks, all from one, easy-to-use platform.
Job Distributor
Social Referral
Word of mouth is one of the best talent referral platforms. Harri makes it easy to leverage your employee social network by directly linking with social media channels.
  • Use 1-click posting to get your employees to share job opportunities
  • Promote your jobs on Harri’s social media channels
  • Create incentives to drive momentum

Discover high quality candidates
Harri has a 250K+ strong talent pool to help you find the best-fit hire. You can also proactively connect and invite high potential candidates to apply to your job openings.
Recommended candidates

Screen candidates on-the-go
Maximize hiring efficiency
Employers need the ability to manage their hiring needs anytime, anywhere. Harri has best-in-class mobile tools to make the hiring process seamless.
With Harri, you can customize application forms to fit your needs, whether you are a full service operator or a fast casual chain.
  • Personalize your employment forms
  • Ask relevant questions specific to your business needs
  • Provide candidates a great user experience with minimal friction
Position-Adaptive Application Forms

Rich Media Employer Profiles
Showcase personality-infused profiles
Your one-of- a-kind company page showcases your company culture and branding with your customizable Employer Profile Page. Add photos, videos, and employee testimonials to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate why it’s so great to work at your company.
Get greater insights into potential candidates' personalities and skills through photos and videos uploaded onto their Gallery.
Dynamic Candidate Profiles
Harri’s sourcing features
Job Templates
Job Distributor
Interview Tools
Search & Connect
Customized Job Portals
Team Social Referral Engine
Payroll Integration
Mobile Employer App
Multilingual Application Forms
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